Community Supports Program

We also provide other services that are accessible by people with developmental disabilities. However, if our corporation (or another corporation) is already contracting with the Department of Public Health and Human Services to provide services to you, you generally are not eligible for Community Supports.

Through the Community Supports Program  individuals can choose to get different levels of support, subject to a capped amount of funding. Support can vary from environmental modifications, equipment, recreation, supported employment, assistance with skills such as money management, and many others. You will have an opportunity to meet with different agencies and then decide which provider you want to help you. Then you work with your case manager and the provider to complete a service agreement between you and the provider agency, which tells you what they will provide and how much it will cost. If you later decide you want to change to a different provider, the case manager will help you to make arrangements to change.

Service Locations:

BILLINGS – Phone 406-652-5443


HARDIN – Phone 406-665-1076

RED LODGE – Phone 406-446-1110

LEWISTOWN – Phone 406-538-8998