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If you do not want to work in the community, have problems keeping a regular job, or just like working with your peers, one of our five work centers may provide other work options that may appeal to you. Each work center has various business contracts that can provide valuable pre-vocational training in a variety of settings. You can either work at the facility or work
on one of the crews in the community.
We will work with each person to establish goals to increase their production and improve their work skills. Wages are paid by RSD, Inc. based on prevailing wage rates and productivity level of each person. Each facility is licensed by the Department of Labor.

Lewistown’s work center, Snowy Mountain Industries, does recycling, shrink wrapping, skin packaging, woodworking, decorative wood boxes, crafts, janitorial work, and lawn maintenance.

Beartooth Industries in Red Lodge has opportunities to do recycling, janitorial work, snow removal and sidewalk maintenance, packaging, collating, and mail delivery. They also have a woodshop where you can build a variety of work products, such as planters, beer boxes, picnic tables, shelves, etc. You will learn how to operate power equipment under the supervision of one of our specialists.

In Hardin at Big Horn Industries you can work in their large greenhouse that produces plants and flowers for sale to the community. They also recycle products and provide janitorial services.

At Billings Training Industries, West and Heights, our work centers for the most challenged people, there are opportunities for janitorial work, servicing candy machines, recycling, paper delivery, collating and packaging.