Our Mission

The mission of RSD Inc, is to encourage, support, and assist each person with special needs whom we serve to make choices in his/her life and expand his/her opportunities for growth and personal development.

Our Core Values

RSD, Inc. will be good STEWARDS of the resources allocated to us for the purpose of providing quality services to people with disabilities.

RSD, Inc. management and staff members will always complete their tasks with the highest level of INTEGRITY.

The management and staff members employed by RSD Inc. will always hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE to insure that people with disabilities receive the best services possible.

RSD, Inc. will strive for EXCELLENCE by promoting the well-being and enhancing the skill levels of staff members and the people we serve.

All RSD, Inc. employees will conduct themselves with a high level of PROFESSIONALISM when dealing with the general public, families, other professionals, other RSD, Inc. employees and the people we serve.

RSD, Inc. will promote CHOICE and SELF-DIRECTION for each and every person we serve.