Community Supports

Through the Community Supports Program  individuals can choose to get different levels of support, subject to a capped amount of funding. Read more

Elderly & Retirement Services

Some individuals no longer function in a vocational program or employment but still need social interaction, cognitive training, and opportunities to be as self-sufficient as possible. We offer services to those people. Read more

Group Homes

RSD Inc. offers different living alternatives. One of those options is congregate living in group homes. We currently support 38 people with disabilities in five accessible adult group homes. Read more

Personal & Social Services

Training focuses on activities that increase participation and inclusion in the community, promote self-advocacy and independence, utilize natural supports, and offer more choices. Read more


Our associated companies offer a variety of products and services that directly help those in the community with disabilities. Read more

Recreational Adventures

One of the most popular services provided by RSD, Inc. is our vacation and recreation program, RAVE.  Read more

Supported Living

Some individuals are able to maintain their own home or apartment with varying levels of guidance and support from staff.  Read more