Congregate Day Supports and Facility Employment

RSD, Inc. also provides training, based on the needs and desires of each individual. The supports focus on increasing participation and inclusion in the community, to promote self-determination and to offer more choices. Experiences may include, but are not limited to: self-care, socialization, communication, recreational, mobility training, academic training, medication management, housekeeping skills, menu planning, budgeting skills, work skills, enclave employment, safety, volunteering, citizenship training, and dealing with challenging times.

Our team strives to empower people to make choices and decisions that will positively impact their lives. The people we serve will make decisions about the services and supports they want to receive from RSD, Inc. Many people do volunteer work in the community and are active citizens.

If you don’t want to work in the community, have problems keeping a regular job or just like working with your peers, one of our other day support programs may provide other work options that appeal to you.  You can spend some of your time working at local businesses completing contracts that provides valuable employment training. You can either work at the day support center or work on one of the crews in the community. We will assist  each person to establish goals increasing production and improving employment skills. Each facility is licensed by the Department of Labor.

Congregate Day Supports and Facility Employment Locations

  • BTI-East – Billings, Montana
  • BTI-West – Billings, Montana
  • Big Horn Ind. – Hardin, Montana
  • Snow Mountain Ind. – Lewistown, Montana
  • Beartooth Ind. #1 – Red Lodge, Montana
  • Beartooth Ind #2 – Red Lodge, Montana