Congregate Group Home Living

RSD Inc. offers a variety of living options for adults with intellectual disabilities.  One option is congregate living in a group home.  We currently support about 50 people with disabilities in six accessible homes.  The homes are located in Hardin, Lewistown, Billings and Red Lodge. The homes have 24/7 staffing to assist in meeting the needs of the people we serve.  Each person residing in our homes must pay room and board.  The homes have private bedrooms.  Our homes are licensed and inspected by several regulatory agencies, including the Department of Family Services and the DPHHS.

People living in congregate homes will live self-determined and valued lives.  We will work side-by-side with the people we serve to create opportunities that are community-based, promote their interests, and enhance their quality of life.    

Congregate Group Homes

  • SMGH – Lewistown, Montana
  • KGH – Billings, Montana
  • Cooper GH – Red Lodge, Montana
  • LEGH – Billings, Montana
  • CrGH – Hardin, Montana
  • White GH – Red Lodge, Montana